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If you are wondering what the three major forms of digital direct marketing are, you have come to the right place.

The Internet and the world wide web have become an integral part of our lives, and no business or person can become successful without using them.

The term digital marketing is not a single entity. It holds an entire world of possibilities & different ways you can promote your business to reach your target audience. Digital Direct Marketing is a small yet significant part of this universe that you must learn about to expand the reach of your business.

DDM is one of the most popular forms of digital marketing as it can be done from anywhere and gets instant feedback in the form of data.

There are different ways to apply digital direct marketing, but today we will discuss the top three. In addition, we will learn more about it, its benefits, significance, and how to get started.

So, let us begin our learning journey.

What Is Digital Direct Marketing?

Digital Marketing is an advanced version of the traditional marketing we know. It is a digitized form of marketing.

In Digital Direct Marketing, you deliver products or services directly to your customers via an electronic medium & with a more personal approach.

If done correctly, this marketing method can help you get in closer contact with your audience, generate leads, and boost customer loyalty.

Digital direct marketing uses the best elements of traditional marketing while applying them to the web.

As the entire process takes place digitally, you do not need to worry about physically mailing or stamping anything.

How Is Digital Direct Marketing Different From Traditional Direct Marketing?

Many people in the current times still restrict themselves from opting for digital marketing methods, and the main reason is their unfamiliarity with the topic.

To help you understand the difference between the two, let us discuss both of them individually and compare them.

  • Traditional Direct Marketing

The traditional direct marketing is a way through which a business or firm communicates its offers directly to pre-selected customers.

It can be through catalogs, fliers, mails, and coupons. This marketing is sent directly to the selected or registered customers via postal mail.

Remember how you used to get the monthly subscription to your favorite magazine, the latest catalog of your favorite store & more?

This was all because you signed up for that willingly. And via traditional direct marketing, you can focus on willing people and the public.

By doing such things, the business can get a loyal customer base who will love to receive these forms of marketing.

Apart from this customer scenario, TV and radio are the old forms of direct marketing.

Traditional marketing is expensive, and business owners can not tell if the marketing is working in their favour or not.

  • Digital Direct Marketing

Digital direct marketing is an entirely new form of direct marketing. It allows you to deliver ads and promote your business via emails, social media posts, and other forms of online communication.

Like the traditional ways, you can send emails and coupons to your customers costing zero as nothing needs to be printed or sent via mail, which costs around $5-$10 per person.

Digital Direct Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Now that you know what both digital & traditional direct marketing is, check out the crucial difference the two hold, making them distinguishable.

Direct Digital MarketingTraditional Direct Marketing
2.This advertising sends promotional materials through computerized paths rather than mail.This kind of direct advertising incorporates indexes, mail, flyers, and coupons.
3.It offers a bigger customer reachThe reach here is smaller
4. The marketing email, social posts, etc., always arrive at the intended addressYou can never be sure if the mail you sent reached its destination or not
5.Its performance can be measuredYou can never measure the performance
6.With the automatic tracking of engagement rates and sales, companies can adjust their campaigns to get the best resultsThere is no tracking of real-world data. Thus companies are oblivious if their marketing strategies are working or not.
7.Less intrusive compared to the traditionalIntrusive
8.Highly popular and in demandLosing its track with time

What Are The 3 Major Forms Of Digital Direct Marketing?

There are many forms of digital direct marketing, and you can choose anyone based on your preference.

Direct digital marketing is easy and instant access to any media outlet like cell phones, web browsers, emails, texts & more.

Thus, if you want to grow your business by building strong connections with your customers, there are three major forms of direct marketing you should focus on.

There are many types of direct digital marketing. However, today, we will focus on three forms of digital direct marketing: Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Mobile Marketing.

So, let us get started and explore each one of them.

1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the closest forms of digital direct marketing to traditional direct marketing.

This form focuses on sending emails and promoting your business & services to the people who have subscribed to your mailing list.

In other words, you are promoting yourself via the digital form of mail to the people who have permitted you to contact them regarding your products or services, as they might be interested in buying them.

It is one of the easiest and best ways to build customer loyalty for your brand. You get an opportunity for one-on-one communication with your customers.

Email IDs are the modern versions of the old house mailbox. People check their inboxes to check essential items like bills, subscriptions, latest updates on their favorite brands & stores.

So, if you can get into the inbox of your prospects and customers, you can do amazingly well in your business.

With the help of email marketing, you can:

  • Create target campaigns that can help you convert possible prospects into sure clients
  • Promote your latest offerings, special offers, in-person events & more
  • Help your visitors look deep into the variety of items they were checking out on your platform
  • Remind the buyers about the products & services they left in their cart
  • Regularly send out your marketing newsletter to your subscribed customers
  • Deliver a personalized offer to each of your audience

Email marketing is one of the most effective methods that cost almost nothing but guarantees excellent results if used accordingly.

You can send your customers quizzes, infographics, and survey forms to peak their interests and deduce how you can improve their experience.

The best part is that via your emails; you can check how many of your customers opened it, how many navigated to your website, and how many made a purchase.

The only thing to remember is that the mail should be relevant to the interests of each customer. If you are going to clutter it like the traditional one, you are simply wasting your time & money.


  • It helps in building strong customer relationships
  • It helps you create & boost your brand recognition
  • Email marketing is easy to create & launch
  • Highly customizable
  • It is extremely easy to collect data and analyze it
  • Emails are easy to share


  • There is the possibility that most people will not open your email
  • It requires consistency and constant updates
  • Highly competitive
  • Customers can unsubscribe anytime they like

2. Social Media Marketing

When we talk about social media marketing, it includes all kinds of social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, & more.

Social media marketing works on reaching new customers through targeted messages in various forms, and the most common one is “paid ads.”

With the popularity & advancement of smartphones, people like things that are accessible with the touch of their thumb.

Although you can access social media platforms on your laptops, smartphones are the most popular ways to access them.

Thus, social media marketing is a highly effective way to promote your brand awareness n generate people’s interest in your products & services.

Social media platforms effectively bring people together with the same interests. They also make it easy for your customers to share your business with others.

With this interactive way of marketing, you can collect real-time data. People like to comment, share, and rate their favorites.

The more you can pique people’s interests to make them talk about you, the more growth you will see in your followers.

With social media branding, you can:

  • Boost your presence by taking help from influencers that promote your brand.
  • Reach your target audience via story ads, messenger, and video.
  • Invite people to like your social media page, visit your website, or download your app.

In addition, you can opt for paid advertisements on various social media platforms that will show your business to people who are not even looking for you, make them curious, & lead them to your website.

With social media marketing, you can reach a wide audience at a low cost, interact with them and get their honest feedback.

Social media is the way you can hear your customer’s disputes and resolve them faster.


  • It helps you reach a larger audience
  • You can directly connect with your audience
  • Learn how your audience perceives your business
  • Build brand loyalty
  • Easy to monitor customer feedback
  • Access to paid advertising
  • It holds a higher lead-to-close rate


  • Time-consuming.
  • You can end up with non-favorable publicity like negative reviews or comments.
  • The result manifestation process is long. You will not see immediate results.

3. Mobile Marketing

No one is unfamiliar with the importance of mobile phones in our lives. It is not simply a medium of leisure but a connection too.

On average, every person spends more than five hours a day on their mobile devices. So imagine what you can do if you can put your business on such a device for them to notice you.

You can do this all via mobile marketing. Mobile marketing is the process through which you can reach your consumers on their mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, etc.

It is easier than ever to market via mobile devices. You can market by sending texts, arranging automated phone calls that alert customers about your special offers, and reminding them about the things they were looking at or left in their cart.

You can even use different mobile applications to promote your products & services. If you have one for your business, you can use push notifications to remind them about the latest updates & more.

There are many ways you can implement mobile marketing. Check out the most prominent ways below:

  • SMS Marketing
    The short message service or SMS marketing is the type that allows you to send text messages to your registered customers.
    You can send them texts about your blogs, latest deals, upcoming sales, & other events.
    It is one of the best ways to reach your customers who are not much active on social media platforms or have exhausted data plans.
  • Application-Based Marketing
    This type of mobile marketing uses mobile apps to promote your product or service. You can execute it vi in-app ads, push notifications, or both.
    You can use this marketing on other applications, whether you have one for your business or not.
    The promotional link will redirect the customers either to your website or the app.
  • Mobile Responsive Website
    Websites are old but still strong mediums to show your presence online. Most people judge a business’s quality by its website quality.
    If you are not doing well with that, it will be hard for you to get your business going.
    Today accessing websites is not limited to desktops only. People want easy access on their mobile devices, & this is why you need a mobile responsive website.
    A mobile responsive website is specially designed to be viewed on mobile devices. It is mobile-size friendly and will adjust to the size of your device.
    Such a responsive website is easy to view and navigate. As people are more into their mobile devices, these kinds of websites are becoming popular.
    With a mobile responsive website, you can eliminate the need for an application. If your website can navigate your customers clearly through it to make a purchase, you do not need another platform.

Mobile marketing is highly targetable, and you can easily reach specific interests, demographics, and even behaviors.

6 Main Benefits Of Digital Direct Marketing

If you include digital direct marketing as a part of your marketing schemes for your business, you can achieve the total worth of your efforts.

Remember, marketing is always targeted. You can only grow your business if you promote it among your ideal customers.

Direct digital marketing boosts your scope of reach & lets you gain loyalty from your current customers while working on converting prospects into clients.

The modern days need modern ways, and with this digital outlook, you save your time & money and achieve even better results than the traditional forms.

Here we have a few premium benefits that you can enjoy if you choose direct digital marketing to promote your business.

1) Inexpensive

One of the biggest benefits of opting for the digital direct marketing is that you can save a significant amount of money.

Traditional marketing forms are expensive, cluttered, and too much of a hassle.

But with digital, you have no such worries. You can deliver a better presentation to your customers at much cheaper rates.

2) Better Interaction

With digitization, you can have better interactions with your customers. It lets you know which people are interested in your business.

With direct digital marketing, you can promote your business & services to the people who willingly sign up for it.

Furthermore, the customers choose the medium via which they want to engage, making your customers more receptive.

3) Personal Form

People always like it when they are treated as a priority. With digital marketing, you can personalize your marketing strategy according to each customer.

Getting personalized emails, newsletters, and coupons makes your customers more inclined towards you.

You can engage with your customers on a personal level.

4) Immediate Responses

By interacting in the real world, modern forms of marketing allow for immediate responses.

Your customers can express their views on your products & services. This is a pro, as you will learn whether you satisfy your customers or not.

With such instant responses, you can work more efficiently to improve your business.

5) Sharing Of The Word

Providing compelling content to customers is one of the bases of digital marketing.

So the more compelling, unique & knowledgeable your content is, the more people will share it.

This will create your brand awareness among a larger group of people.

Thus, you get more trust from your current customers and convert many new customers.

6) Boost Sales

Direct digital marketing allows you to interact with your customers, understand their needs, and build personal relationships.

If you can ensure your customers have good quality and gain their trust, you will significantly boost your sales.

How To Get Started With Digital Direct Marketing?

If you are new to the world of digital marketing or do know about it but are not sure where to start, we have some beginner-friendly tips for you to follow.

You do not need to go extreme to get started. Begin on a minor level, understand the system, and then upgrade your strategy.

1. Go With One Platform

When you begin your digital marketing journey, it is always better to start with one platform.

Choose one online platform and focus on that only. Once you have mastered it, you can move on to another.

Understand working on various platforms in your initial learning stage will not benefit you. You will have divided attention, and you will be unable to draw out the results from any of them.

So, learn the basics of digital marketing with one platform and then use the gained knowledge to develop your business on other ones.

2. Set Your Goals

A business strategy without a goal is useless. So, set your goals. Define what you want to achieve with your new marketing strategies.

Do you want to boost customer interaction, increase sales, spread the word, or do other things?

The better clarity you have about your goals, the better strategy you can build.

3. Contemplate Your Results

To ensure you get the desired results, always track your results & related data. This way, you will learn which strategies are working and which aren’t.

By doing this, you can optimize your strategies if required n help you get the most out of your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

hat Are The Most Prominent Digital Direct Marketing Examples?

If you want to know about some of the most successful direct digital marketing examples, massive businesses like Amazon, Netflix, etc., are the best ones to study.

Amazon & Netflix send customized newsletters to the customers, showing them that the company understands their choices. From time to time, there are emails giving recommendations based on their most recent activities and more.

If you are a loyal Amazon & Netflix customer, you would know how these companies are always in your inbox asking for your suggestions, giving recommendations, loyalty points, coupons, & more.

What Are The Other Forms Of Direct Digital Marketing?

As we have discussed earlier, digital direct marketing is a vast world. It has various types that you can use to boost your business.

Apart from the top three types discussed above, there are others that you should know about.

The other popular forms of digital direct marketing include:

  • Good Advertising
  • Web Browsers
  • Loyalty Programs
How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Digital Market Agency Or Expert?

The price for hiring a digital marketer or company differs from firm to firm and from place to place. Most firms in the US work on an hourly basis. You mostly get charged around $80 to $200 for a project.

So, it is better to form a budget and be honest with yourself about how much you can spare to spend on marketing. Do not go overboard with your set limits.

You should start with small and can always go big as soon as you get the hang of it or start seeing results.

Is Direct Digital Marketing And Digital Marketing The Same?

Digital marketing is the center of online marketing. And digital direct marketing is a small part of this big world.

Digital marketing has different types and approaches ways that you can use to interact with your customers and boost your business.

Some prominent types of digital marketing are:

  • Content marketing
  • Search engine marketing
  • Display Advertising
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
Should I Opt For Online Marketing For My Business?

YES. Whether you have an old business establishment or are starting fresh, you can not survive without showing your presence to people.

And the most common medium of promoting yourself among people is the world wide web. People do not authenticate your existence if they can not find you online.

So, it is better to get on with the flow. It is better late than never. Find a marketing firm or a freelance expert who can get the work done for you.

What Are The Three Major Forms Of Digital Direct Marketing?

If you want to know about the three most prominent forms of direct digital marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Mobile Marketing are for you.

You can begin your digital journey with these three marketing strategies to see a significant boost in your personal or business profile.


We hope with this article you were able to find answers for what are the three major forms of digital direct marketing. Digital Marketing is the future, and it is better if you start using it to promote your business & services.

You can always begin the work yourself. However, if you are still unsure, hiring a Digital Marketing firm is a good choice. Research and deduce what is best for your business and then act accordingly.

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