There are many experts out there who love to share their knowledge with others. If you are among such people and hold expertise in any field of Digital Marketing, Paa Creations would like you to write for our readers as well.

Paa Creations is a Digital Marketing Platform that is dedicated to helping its clients get better performance on the world wide web. We strive to get our clients noticed over the internet across various platforms.

To entertain our readers and help them gain knowledge, we have a dedicated section on our platform for blogs & articles where we accept outside writers as well. If you can provide us with an article worth reading that also delivers beneficial information, we can publish it.

So, if you decide to write for us, you will have an authorized platform to showcase your expertise & writing skills.

How Writing For Us Can Benefit You?

Most of the writers out there have their websites & blogs. However, not all of them are well known because they lack audience reach. We understand if you are facing such an issue.

But writing for Paa Creations will get you in touch with people who are interested and somehow connected to the field you have expertise in. You will get a dedicated audience who loves the world of digital marketing as much as you.

With our audience base, you can get some regular followers for your blog or website and boost its traffic organically. If you want your skill to work for you, do not miss this writing opportunity.

Types Of “Guest Post” Articles Acceptable To Us

As stated, Paa Creations is a Digital Marketing firm. Thus, your article submissions should majorly relate to this industry. You can explore the various branches within it but make sure it is not something irrelevant.

We do not accept any article which is not related to the things that the firm provides or offers.

You can provide us with guides related to various digital marketing fields in the form of guides, introductions, comparisons, the latest industry news, best sellers (only about digital products & gadgets like cameras, mobile, laptops, etc.), & others.

To help you more with your writing, check out our distinctive list of “Types Of Articles” you can write for us. Anything you submit under the mentioned categories is acceptable to us.

  • Write for Us + Marketing
  • Write for Us + Digital Marketing
  • Write for Us + SEO
  • Write for Us +Advanced SEO
  • Write for Us + Paid Marketing
  • Write for Us + Social Media
  • Write for Us + SMM
  • Write for Us + Local SEO
  • Write for Us + GMB
  • Write for Us + Reseller SEO
  • Write for Us + Content Writing
  • Write for Us + Content Proofreading
  • Write for Us + SEO Consultation
  • Write for Us + Web Development
  • Write for Us + Web Designing
  • Write for Us + UI Development
  • Write for Us + UX Development
  • Write for Us + App Development
  • Write for Us + Software Development
  • Write for Us + Bug Testing
  • Write for Us + Website Maintenance
  • Write for Us + AWS Management
  • Write for Us + Tech Consultation
  • Write for Us + Graphic Designing
  • Write for Us + Competitor Research
  • Write for Us + Market Research
  • Write for Us + ORM
  • Write for Us + PPC

Writing Guidelines

Paa Creations is an online platform for people to get top-class digital services. And simply because we ask our fellow digital marketers & writers to contribute their writings to our platform does not mean we accept anything.

We have some strict rules & regulations and refrain from accepting anything that does not fulfill what we are looking for.

Our main goal is to provide our readers with unique, readable, enjoyable, and knowledgeable content. So, understand why you can not just write anything.

To make sure your article is published by Paa Creations, you need to layout it as per our guidelines & instructions mentioned below:

  • The article should be well researched and majorly related to any field of digital marketing.
  • The writing should be original. It should not be published anytime, anywhere on the web.
  • Plagiarism and copyright breaches are strictly prohibited. If we find them, we might block you from our site.
  • The articles should not be too technical for regular readers to understand. Make your writing easy to read & understand by all of our readers.
  • You can submit error-free & well-optimized articles & blogs of around 800-1000 words.
  • You can include SEO keywords in the blog, but only up to two. Also, our team will review them before publishing.
  • You can not sell your services or aggressively promote your blog or website via these guest post articles. If we find such a thing, we will reject your article and restrict you from writing for us.
  • Along with the article, we want you to submit two to three photographs related to your content. We will choose the most suitable as per our scenario.
  • Before publishing, all of the submitted articles will get reviewed & edited by the team of Paa Creations.
  • If your blog gets published on Paa Creations, you are free to promote it on your website, blog, or any other online platform.
  • Paa Creations reserves the right to reject or remove your submitted articles anytime without any prior intimation. Our firm is not answerable to you on this matter.
  • You will get an email from us if your blog gets published. However, we are in no obligation to inform you if we reject your work.
  • Lastly, there will be no compensation to the writers submitting their blogs. You can not demand any remuneration before or after your article gets published.

Submission Guidelines

Submitting your blogs & articles to us is effortless. You need to email your writing on our official Email ID with the right subject line. The wrong subject line can make us reject your email right away. So, be careful.

You should submit your article to [email protected]. Mention “Guest Post Submission: Your Article Topic” in your subject line to make your mail understandable to us.

Here the “Your Article Topic” will be the specific field of digital marketing on which your article is based.

Furthermore, before you submit, we request you to go through our terms & conditions to understand what you will be getting into. Lastly, the guest posts request on our platform are overwhelming. Sometimes we cannot even make it through all the submission requests. This is why there is a possibility your article is not published.

You will surely get a confirmation email from us if we publish your article. But if you do not get any response from us, understand your blog did not meet up to our standard requirements.

So, if your article gets rejected, there can be a reasonable explanation for that. Here we have listed some reasons why we might not accept your writing:

  • Plagiarised Content– If we find your submitted content is not original, we will not publish it.
  • Already On Web– If the content is your work but is currently or was formally on the internet via any other platform.
  • Article Length– The length of your article either exceeds the maximum word limit or is less than the lower word limit. In either case, we will reject the submission.
  • Unrelated Content– The contents of your article are not related to the topic you submitted. Content that does not justify its main subject is useless.
  • Tone Of Writing– The way you spread out your content is crucial. If we find the tone of your article not suitable for our audience, we are using it.

Reach Us

If you want to understand our guest writing requirements, want to make a query, submit your work, or want to reach out, you can reach us at our official address [email protected].